Paper Filter Elements

Filter Elements

Filter elements and a filter pressure gauge are a critical element in the proper operation of your rotary positive displacement blower or vacuum pump. Filter elements are typically located in a filter housing and filter the incoming air or gas to minimize the entrance of larger particles into your blower or vacuum pump.

This filtration is critical to prevent large objects or particles to enter the gas chamber and cause material build up on the impellers. If the particles are to large, they can cause the unit to sieze which could result in a costly repair.

Filter Pressure Gauge, Filter Media, Prefilters & More

Filtration media is typically paper, polyester or wire. Paper elements provide the greatest level of filtration but are typically thrown away once material load exceeds the desired level. Polyester elements can be washed a couple of times before they must be replaced. Wire elements can be washed many times but do not provide the level of filtration of paper or polyester. Filtration efficiency can be improved on a wire element by the use of oil or an adhesive applied to the wire element.

Dirty filters will increase your horsepower consumption and can cause excessive temperature rise on your positive displacement blower. Filters should be cleaned or changed once the pressure drop exceeds 15"w.c. A filter pressure gauge will visually indicate when your filter needs to be changed or cleaned.