PD Direct Drive Blower Package

PD Package

For a complete displacement blower system, pdblowers offers a line of direct drive blower packages that can utilize the following frame size blowers:PD406FT40FC32C5

  • ROOTSFLO® 404
  • ROOTSFLO® 406
  • ROOTSFLO® 409
  • Duroflow® 4504
  • Duroflow® 4506
  • Duroflow® 4509
  • BJI A44
  • BJI A46
  • BJI A49

These packages typically include the blower, blower mounting brackets, 3600 RPM motor, coupling, coupling guard, Inlet Filter/Silencer, discharge flexible connector, discharge silencer, discharge check valve, discharge pressure relief valve and a discharge pressure gauge. These units may be mounted in an acoustic enclosure with or without and integral steel sub-base.