V3 Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump Package

V3 Vacuum Package

REP offers a line of vacuum packages that utilizes the following Components:V3 Vacuum Package

  • Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump

  • Straight Through Inline Filter

  • TEFC Electric Motor

  • V-Belt Drive

  • V-Belt Guard

  • Elevated Steel Base (Typically a VersaBase Product)

  • Inlet Vacuum Relief Valve

  • Inlet Vacuum Gauge

  • Discharge Silencer

  • Mechanical run test of completed package

  • System is painted complete with pdblowers Gray Enamel and OSHA Yellow Guards

  • Unit is skided or crated depending on freight carrier

Optional Features:

  • Inlet check valve

  • Discharge Temperature Gauge

  • Inlet Vacuum Switch

  • Discharge Temperature Switch

  • Differential Vacuum Gauge on inline filter

  • Differential Temperature Switch

  • Starter mounted and wired

  • Special Purpose Motors (Explosion Proof, Inverter Duty, Mill & Chem Duty, ODP)

  • Variable Frequency Drive

  • Noise Enclosure indoor or outdoor