VersaBase: The Leading Positive Displacement Blower and Vacuum Pump Mount System

Versabase Products

REP's exclusive blower mount system, VersaBase, provides a mounting platform for a traditional "table-top" or "elevated" type blower or vacuum pump that increases your system versatility while reducing costs.

The pre-engineered system enables the rapid assembly of positive displacement blower and vacuum pump packages with the blower, motor, and drive mounted on the "table" or top of the frame and the silencers and accessories mounted above or below.

First introduced in 1996, the VersaBase blower and vacuum pump mount is pre-engineered to accept the most popular size blowers from Roots, Sutorbilt and MD Pneumatics and can accommodate Universal RAI®, California Legend® or Competitor™ units as well.

VersaBase has been extensively tested to ensure it provides a robust mounting platform for blowers and motors, and offer numerous advantages, such as:
  • Lower engineering cost including design and documentation drawings
  • Lower procurement and assembly costs
  • Reduced capital or shop investment cost
  • Lower re-work costs
  • Faster delivery times

VersaBase Options for Positive Displacement Blower and Vacuum Pump Mount Systems

VersaBase consists of a fabricated steel base, lower belt guard, upper belt guard, belt guard cover, and various brackets and fastener kits that work together to tie your blower and vacuum pump system together – simply.

Three basic sizes are available utilizing up to 5” silencers. A fourth basic size is available for silencers up to 10” connection size. pdblowers will supply you with a detailed selection matrix to make customizing your VersaBase easy.

We invite you to explore our variety of VersaBase blower and vacuum pump mount units, or contact us for additional information.