Acoustic Enclosure Assembly
72"l x 40"w x 60"h
Price: $3,050.00
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  • Interior Dimensions: 67" Long x 35" Wide x 58" Height
  • 14 Gauge Galvanized Skin
  • 2" Thick, 8 lb/ft3 Rockwool Acoustic Insulation
  • Noise reduction of 12 dBA at 3' from package
  • Insulation Mechanically Fastened to internal surfaces via stud welded pins
  • High Volume Intake Air Vents
  • Four (4) Removable Access Doors
  • Quarter turn latches
  • Removable Roof
  • Ventilator rated at 1170 CFM, 120Vac/1 Phase/60 Hz
  • Integral Formed Steel Base

    • 0.1875" Thick Mild Steel
    • 74" Long x 42" Wide x 4.5" Height
    • Reinforced
    • Forkways

Weight of enclosure with steel sub-base: 690 lbs (313.6 kg)
Weight of enclosure with steel sub-base on wooded pallet: 750 lbs (341 kg)

This enclosure is ideally suited for direct driven ROOTSFLO®, DuroFlow® 45 Series or Big Jack A4 series positive displacment blowers. The integral steel sub-base also permits for quick installation in the field. Three connections are required to complete the installation; the blower discharge connection, the blower motor wire termination and the fan motor wire termination.

No field assembly is required.

This enclosure is also available without High Volume Vents for smaller systems.

Dimensional Drawings