Roots Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, and More

At pdblowers, Inc., we strive to serve as a comprehensive source for all of our client's vacuum pump, positive displacement and centrifugal blower needs.. Therefore, we serve as an agent for several leading manufacturers in the industry.
  • Howden Roots: We manage the sale of Roots blowers in Georgia, East Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina with the exception of the wastewater market in North and South Carolina.
  • Hi-Vac: Clients in Georgia and Alabama can order Hi-Vac Industrial Vacuum Equipment and UltraVac Industrial Vacuum Loaders through REP.
  • Continental Blower: We service industrial accounts in Georgia, Alabama, and East Tennessee.
If you need to order a Roots blower or other item, or require assistance building and ordering a system, contact us today. We will guide you through all the options in Roots blowers, vacuum pumps, and more.