Refurbishing for Remediation Equipment

Thermal Oxidizers, Soil Vapor Extraction, and More

If you own remediation equipment, regular maintenance is vital to its effectiveness. Often, remediation equipment like thermal oxidizers or soil vapor extraction systems are used on a site for years. Therefore, it's important to utilize refurbishing services before the equipment is sent to another site in order to maximize its effectiveness.

The professionals at pdblowers, Inc. offer refurbishing services for a variety of remediation equipment, including:
  • Air Sparge Systems
  • Soil Vapor Extraction Systems
  • Dual Phase Extraction Systems
  • Integrated Soil Remediation Systems
  • Thermal Oxidizers

In addition, we often have refurbished remediation equipment available for resale at fair prices. We encourage you to get the most from your thermal oxidizer, soil vapor extraction system, or other remediation equipment with our refurbishing services. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service.