Custom UL Control Panel Systems

In our MET certified UL control panel shop, pdblowers can provide all of your control system needs from designing and implementing a new system to retrofitting and improving your existing equipment.

We are certified to build UL508A, UL698A and CSA 22.2 NO14 compliant control panels and specialize in pump, blower, SCADA, wireless systems, cellular systems, and environmental remediation applications.

Our team is experienced at working within your needs and timeframe, and we offer a type of working relationship you won't find with any other control panel manufacturer.

UL Control Panel System Design | Control Panel Retrofitting | Control System Consulting Services

UL Control Panel System Design

In our UL listed control panel shop, pdblowers can design and develop a complete instrumentation control system to fit your applications needs. We specialize in small machine control panel design as well as remote monitoring applications.

Panel Design
At pdblowers we use the best, brightest, and most dependable technologies to make your products and systems better. Our industrial control panels are built with Allen Bradley components and designed to the latest NEC and UL standards.
  • Motor Control Panels
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Process Control Panels
  • PLC and HMI Panels
  • Operator Consoles
  • Protective Relay Panels
  • Remote alarm and Telemetry Panels
  • Custom Assemblies
  • Complete Turn-key SCADA Systems
While typical panel shops / system integrators charge extra fees for multiple changes, we understand that multiple changes may be necessary and work closely with you to develop a UL control panel that will completely fill your system needs.

PLC and HMI Programming
While our systems can be built with a basic interface based on relay logic and push buttons, we can also further enhance your control system with both a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a human machine interface (HMI) to increase ease-of-use for your team and provide advanced functionality such as real time feedback, customized alarms, enhanced security and remote access. Using Micrologix controllers and the full suite of Allen Bradley software, our experienced team will complete all of the necessary programming to get your system fully operational and customized to your needs.

Remote Monitoring
You can spend the same amount on an auto-dialer system with another control panel manufacturer that you would spend on a remote monitoring system. A pdblowers supplied remote monitoring system can send text and email alarms, record telemetry information, and be connected to remotely as if you were at the site. No special software is needed. Auto-dialer systems can call a voice telephone number and inform you of a set number of generic alarms, such as a zone 1 alarm. Our systems can send as many alarms as necessary with full text that describes the exact alarm.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
A variable frequency drive can be added to your control system to save energy or fine tune equipment performance. The VFD is a motor controller that can vary the frequency and voltage as needed to match your current operating conditions. The cost of adding a VFD to your control system is recouped in energy savings.

Protocol Conversion
For a seamless integration, pdblowers can add protocol conversion to your control system to modify output to match your other systems. Rather than having to modify your machinery to accept the new input, our system can convert the data before generating the output.

Testing and Installation
Before your control panel is complete it will be thoroughly tested to verify logic and simulate all inputs and outputs. Testing can be completed here in our facility or on site. For CSA/CUL panels, our facility is equipped for high voltage testing.

If desired, after a control panel is shipped to your location our team can be on site in your facility to handle installation and final testing.

Maintenance and Support
An operating manual and schematics is included with every UL control panel we build. If at any time you need additional support for your control system, our experienced team is here to help.

Control Panel Retrofitting

Utilizing an existing system is an excellent way to minimize cost. While most control panel manufacturers will only quote a new system, pdblowers is experienced at retrofitting your existing assets.

Retrofitting your existing control panel system can save money and materials. If you have an existing system that needs an upgrade, contact pdblowers at 800-536-9933

Control System Consulting Services

The experienced team at pdblowers can provide on-site consulting services for your control panel system:

Safety Audits
To bring your control system up to code, a certified electrical engineer from pdblowers can inspect your system for code violations per the latest NEC and UL codebooks. For any identified violations, pdblowers will provide next steps for corrective action.

Process Optimization / Energy Savings
Your systems were designed for maximum output, so when you are operating at lower capacity this means energy is wasted, impacting your bottom line. Incorporating a variable frequency drive (VFD) allows your system to be fine tuned as power consumption needs change.

Your Control System Partner

At pdblowers we work to develop lasting customer relationships. With every project we make it our mission to understand the challenges your team faces and remove those burdens with a high quality system that is designed to meet your specific needs. And after 25 years in business, you can count on pdblowers to be here to provide ongoing support and excellent customer service whenever you need us.

Whether we are building a new control system for your facility or helping your existing system better fit your needs, we want to be your partner. If you would like to talk and discuss your needs contact us online or give us a call at 800-536-9933.