Blower Repair Service

REP offers complete blower repair capabilities. Are you currently getting a >12 month warranty on your repaired blowers? If not give us a call, because that's standard at pdblowers. We specialize in all Roots blower repair, Sutorbilt (all models), Duroflow (all models) and Gardner-Denver Cycloblowers.

Key Benefits
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Rebuilt to Factory Tolerances
  • Mechanically Tested Prior to Shipment

Once the unit is received, it is disassembled and inspected. A report is issued to you stating the condition of the unit and what's required to bring it into new condition. If approval is received to proceed the unit is repaired including any machining that may be required. In most cases the impellers, headplates and cylinders are bead blasted to remove years worth of crud. When you get your unit back it sports a new paint job and looks and works like brand new!

12 Month Warranty
It's the standard 12/18. The unit is warranted for 12 months of operation or 18 months after date of shipment.

Rebuilt to Factory Tolarances
We know what they should be and we replace or repair parts to achieve like new performance. Sometimes units come in that are so far gone that they can not be restored to the original factory tolerance. If this is the case, we advise you of your options (replace, get close to the performance you want, etc...) before any repair work commences.

Mechanically Tested Prior to Shipment
Wouldn't you like to know that the unit ran under load and performed as expected before you get it back. This saves you the hassle of putting a unit back into service only to have to take it out again because it failed or didn't perform as expected.

Contact pdblowers for all of your Duraflow, Sutorbilt and Roots blower repair needs. Our experienced team is committed to quality and service. Schedule your blower repair service today.

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