2300 ACFM Vacuum System with Bio-Sparging and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

pdblowers, Inc. integrated equipment into a custom modified 30′ ISO container including a soil vapor extraction system, bio-sparging system and off gas treatment using an RTO. System components included:

  • Roots 718 URAI Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Blower
  • 60 HP Explosion Proof Motor – Inverter Duty
  • Inlet Air/Water Separator
    • Extraction Pump with level control
    • Modulating Inlet Air Dilution Valve
  • Inline Filter
  • Discharge Silencer
  • Rietschle DLR-150 with 15 HP Explosion Proof Motor
    • Discharge manifold with three independent legs
    • Discharge Heat Exchanger
  • Inlet Flame Arrester
  • Instrument Panel
  • System integration with all components mounted
  • 30′ Custom Modified ISO Container

This system was installed at a chemical facility in Ohio. Noise control was an important factor as well as the ability to maintain the equipment.

The enclosure for the vacuum system, bio-sparge system and controls was a custom modified ISO container. Due to limited space at the job site, our customer wanted to limit the overall length of the enclosure to 30′. We took a standard high cube 40′ long ISO container and cut-off 10′ and fabricated a new end with a 36″ access door.

The enclosure featured a dividing barrier which sealed the process area from the control and power distribution area. This barrier was welded and sealed with a fire rated caulk. The process area is considered to be Class 1 Division 2 Group D while the control area is non-classified.

Each compartment in the enclosure is provided with its own heating and ventilation system which are controlled via thermostats.

The enclosure utilizes a sprayed on acoustic/thermal barrier to reduce the noise level of the equipment as well as provide insulation.