3/5/08 Website Additions

In the last week and a half we have added a substantial amount of content. Information on the Roots AF series has been added in Tech Talk including performance data, drawings and performance curves for pressure and vacuum.

Technical data has been provided for the Sutorbilt California Legend “L” series. This unit was replaced by the “P” version in mid 1995, however, you still need to know the limits for units that you own.

A new triangulate table has been added to several of our articles in Tech Talk that permits you to select a cell and highlighted bars are provided vertically and horizontally to better identifying the labels for the rows and columns.

Don’t forget to check out our classic “Blower Gremlins”. We introduced the Blower Gremlins in 1990 and have had many requests to bring them back. You’ll find them in Tech Talk.

We will continue to use the What’s New area to give you a guide to our latest additions and enhancements.