406 RAM Direct Drive Vacuum Package with Wireless Access VFD

This direct drive vacuum pump package was built for on-site soil remediation work.  Since the customer frequently needs to relocate the package, they asked us to coat the skid in Rhinoguard to make it more durable.  It also features a variable frequency drive (VFD) and control panel with wireless access so the equipment can be monitored and controlled remotely.




Vacuum Package, Roots 406 RAM, 25 HP, Direct Drive

  • Roots 406 RAM Positive Displacement Blower
  • 25 HP TEFC Motor, Premium Efficient, 3600 RPM
  • Coupling & Coupling Guard
  • Inline Filter
  • Dilution Air Assembly
  • Discharge Silencer, Chamber-Type
  • Vacuum Relief Valve, Kunkle 215V-2″ Set at 15″ Hgg
  • Acoustical Enclosure – Heavy Duty Style
    • Double Doors, 2 Sides
    • Removable Roof
    • Exhaust Fan
  • Skid Mounted with Forkways – Custom coated in Rhinoguard
  • Testing at load
  • Painted to customer’s color spec

Control Panel, VFD, Micrologix 1400 PLC, (2) RTD card, HMI

  • 480V/3/60
  • NEMA4X Flange Handle Enclosure
  • Adjustable Arc Flash Molded Case Breaker with internal enclosure
  • External Control Transformer
  • UL 489 breakers
  • Phoenix Contact Managed Router and Wireless Access Point
  • RedLion Cr series HMI (G3 series obsolete)
  • A-B Micrologix 1400 with 6″ HMI and screen enclosure
  • Analog card, (2) RTD cards, rtd for enclosure, rtd for discharge, wired to the panel
  • Analog card for Inlet Pressure Transmitter & Discharge Pressure Transmitter
  • Protocol is EthernetIP (previous protocol was Modbus)
  • Inlet & Discharge Pressure Transmitters
  • M12 connectors labeled
  • Separate box for Voltages higher then 120 Vac
  • Harmonic Filter for the VFD
  • 30 HP Heavy Duty VFD
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