Aeration Blower Package for Oyster Hatchery

This blower package is headed to an oyster hatchery where it will be used to provide aeration. The oystery is open to the public so it was important for this blower package to be contained in an enclosure to reduce the decibels of noise generated by the equipment. The solution we provided was a small P3 pressure package featuring a Roots 22 URAI blower and 3HP motor contained in a noise enclosure with removable panels for easy access to all of the components.

Motor, 3 HP, TEFC, Prem. Eff., 1800
Roots 22 URAI Positive Displacement Rotary BlowerRPM, 1.15 SF, 230/460 Volts, 1 Phase 60 Hz***
VersaBase 23 with Integral Belt Guard and associated brackets for accessory mounting
Motor Slide Base, Double Adjusting
Drive, V-Belt, minimum service factor of 1.4
Inlet Filter, 1.5″, Paper Element, Universal CF-1.5
Inlet Silencer, 1.5″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal URB-1.5
Discharge Silencer, 1.5″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal URB-1.5
Discharge Flex Connector, 1″, Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass
Relief Valve, Pressure, Spring Type, Kunkle 337. 2″, Set at 5 PSI
Check Valve, 1.5″ MNPT, EPDM Seal
Pressure Gauge, 2.5″ Dia., 0-15 PSI, Liquid Filled, Snubber & Gauge Cock
Temperature Gauge, 5″ Dia, Any Angle Direct Mount, with Thermowell
Enclosure, Acoustical, Galvanized Steel, Removable Roof & Doors, 120V Exhaust Fan
Temperature Switch, Remote Mount, NEMA4, 235-375 °F, Ashcroft T400
Sheaves: 8″ OD Sheave for Motor; 2.8″ OD Sheave for Blower

Interior view of the 22 URAI aeration package
Interior view with guards removed
Sound enclosure for the P3 pressure package
Package after initial assembly
oyster package drawing

Estimated Sizing Conditions
– Inlet Volume: 67 ACFM (58 SCFM)
– Site Elevation: 350′
– Barometric Pressure: 14.5 PSIA
– Inlet Temperature: 100 °F
– Inlet Pressure Drop: 0.3 PSI
– Blower Inlet Pressure: 14.2 PSIA
– Discharge Pressure Drop: 0.2 PSI
– Discharge Pressure: 2.0 PSIG
– Blower Differential Pressure: 2.5 PSI

– Design Speed 5014 RPM (95% of maximum)
– Shaft Power: 1.2 BHP
– Discharge Temperature: 137 °F
– Differential Temperature: 37 °F (16 % of maximum)
– Discharge Volume: 60 ACFM
– Power at Relief Valve: 2.2 BHP
– Estimated Noise Level: 85 dBa at 3 feet

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