Air Backwash Blower System for Water Treatment Plant

This customer needed three blower packages to be integrated with a filter backwash control system. In addition to sizing and building the packages, pdblowers provided on-site startup services and training for the operators and maintenance personnel.

Package Equipment

  • Roots 711 URAI Positive Displacement Rotary Blower
  • VersaBase 678 with Integral Belt Guard and associated brackets for accessory mounting
  • Motor, 50 HP, TEFC, Premium Efficiency, 1800 RPM, 1.15 SF, 230/460 Volts, 3 Phase 60 Hz
  • Motor Slide Base, Double Adjusting
  • Drive, V-Belt, minimum service factor of 1.4
  • Inlet Filter, 6″, Polyester Element, Universal CCF-6
  • Inlet Silencer, 6″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal SDY-6
  • Discharge Silencer, 6″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal SDY-6
  • Discharge Expansion Joint, 6″, Single Arch, EPDM
  • Relief Valve, Pressure, Spring Type, Kunkle 337. 3″, Set at 8 PSI
  • Check Valve, 6″ Wafer Style, EPDM Seat
  • Inlet Vacuum Gauge, 2.5″ Dia., 0-20″ WC, Ashcroft 1009, Snubber & Gauge Cock
  • Discharge Pressure Gauge, 2.5″ Dia., 0-15 PSI, Ashcroft 1009, Snubber & Gauge Cock
  • Discharge Isolation Butterfly Valve, 6″, Wafer Style, Lever Actuated, EPDM Seat (shipped loose)
  • Expansion Joint for downstream piping, 6″, Single Arch, EPDM (shipped loose)
  • Spare parts for each blower package: Repair Kit (contains all Bearings, Seals, & Gaskets), Polyester Filter Element, Set of V-Belts
  • Vent Valve, 6″ Butterfly Valve, Wafer Style, Electric Modulating Actuator, EPDM Seat (shipped loose)
  • Vent Silencer, Absorptive Type, 6″, Universal SU5-6 (shipped loose)

Operating Conditions

  • Inlet Volume: 996 ACFM (878 SCFM)
  • Site Elevation: 1390′
  • Barometric Pressure: 14.0 PSIA
  • Inlet Temperature: 90 °F
  • Inlet Pressure Drop: 0.3 PSI
  • Blower Inlet Pressure: 13.7 PSIA
  • Discharge Pressure Drop: 0.2 PSI
  • Discharge Pressure: 7.3 PSIG
  • Blower Differential Pressure: 7.8 PSI

Performance Data

  • Design Speed 1633 RPM (79% of maximum)
  • Shaft Power: 43.2 BHP
  • Discharge Temperature: 195 °F
  • Differential Temperature: 105 °F (46 % of maximum)
  • Discharge Volume: 771 ACFM
  • Estimated Noise Level: 91.8 dBa at 3 feet

When working with pdblowers, you will have decades of experience working for you. Our application engineers will review your requirements and operating conditions to ensure your final product is the best solution to meet your needs.  In this project our customer had a maximum noise requirement of 90 dBA at 3 feet, however that would require a much larger blower than the package would otherwise need; our engineers were able to size a blower that fit all of performance specifications at a noise level of 91.8 dBA which was acceptable to the customer. Our engineers were able to save this customer money in another area by identifying two items on the initial requirement list that would not be needed with our recommended blower model.

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