Cement Blower Systems

pdblowers has decades of experience with cement blower systems, including:

  • Sizing blowers and vacuum pumps to fit application specs
  • Building blower packages to convey initial materials, combustion air, and cement
  • Designing and programming control systems for material conveying
  • Supplying blowers, vacuum pumps, and filtration equipment

Cement Blower Packages

Blower and vacuum pumps packages are used at many stages of cement production. At the beginning of the process, our packages can be used to convey materials into and out of the kiln. We have also supplied packages to move combustion air in the firing process.

After the production stage, bulk transfer blowers are used to convey cement through various transport points. This includes loading cement in and out of railcars, trucks and bulk containers, as well as air slide applications to move material in silos.

Working with your flow and pressure measurements, our engineers can size a package to meet the specific challenges of your system.

Cement blower packages unloading concrete truck

Process Control Systems

We also work with businesses to help manage their processes and integrate with existing equipment. With a process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), we can build an electrical panel to handle power and control needs. We can provide contact closure interfaces, timers, and meters and level indicators. Our engineers can build a basic interface or a PLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface) technology. Learn more about our control panel capability.

Cement Blower Equipment Supply

As the largest distributor of Roots blowers in North America, pdblowers maintains a large inventory of blowers, vacuum pumps, filters and other equipment in stock and ready to ship. With five locations around the country, we can get a blower to you quickly, reducing downtime and lost profits when equipment is needed urgently. Browse our online catalog to view and purchase our most popular products, or contact us if you don’t see what you need or have questions.

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