Blower Packages for Plastics Processing

From polymer extrusion and molding to compounding and recycling plastic materials, pressure and vacuum systems are key components

  • Bulk Handling of dyes, powders and pellets

  • Unloading rail cars

  • Moving material from silos and gaylord boxes

  • Feeding extruders

  • Process air drying

With over 30 years of experience building pressure and vacuum systems, we have the experience to create a package that will meet the needs and challenges of your specific plastic conveying application.

Plastic processing equiment
Featured Projects

Resin Conveying Vacuum System

Positive displacement vacuum pumps are a staple in plastic resin conveying systems. These vacuum packages in our V5 configuration are designed to move LLDPE and FRPE polyethylene pellets through a conveying system. They feature inline filter silencers as well as...
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Plastic Conveying Pressure Package

Most of our projects begin with basic application specifications from our customers which our engineers use to size a custom blower package that will meet the requirements. In this case, our customer needed a pressure package to convey PET regrind...
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