Simulation Testing for Turnkey Solutions

Our projects typically come to us with specific design criteria, as a process and instrument diagram (P&ID). We work with the client to consider the criteria more closely, defining all of the utility and environmental constraints, from temperature parameters to noise level targets. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to take those defined criteria and build equipment that satisfies it. And we don’t deliver until we’re sure it does.

We test all of our integrated systems and most blower packages to confirm mechanical functionality before shipment. To make it a turnkey solution, we set up all the components to demonstrate effectiveness for:

  • specified speeds
  • flow or vacuum levels
  • noise reduction requirements

A variable frequency drive simulates any speed to test the blower/drive combination. Water is available for cooling or process testing and test pads for indoor or outdoor use. An integrated system often includes other components—like separators with piping and electrical features, control panels and interfaces, noise enclosures and weight-bearing bases.

Testing blower packages
Testing blower package
Large testing capability for custom systems

Testing to Guarantee Better Performance

Our commitment to testing and rebuilding has helped us to develop long working relationships with returning clients. Over the years, we have retrofitted and upgraded equipment components for better performance.

Test voltages available include:

  • 460 volt – the most common industrial standard
    • 600 Amp Service – indoors test stand
    • (2) 400 Amp Service – indoors test stand
    • 200 Amp service – outdoors test stand
  • 208 volt – also common in commercial buildings
    • 200 Amp Service – outdoors test stand
  • 240 volt – older commercial standard
    • 200 Amp Service – indoor test stand
  • 575 volt – required for Canada and some old mills in US
    • 140 Amp Service – indoor test stand

System Check-Ups

Our capabilities enables us to test almost any electrical or mechanical system to confirm that it meets performance standards. Our engineering team draws from a broad base of knowledge and experience in chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering to verify and troubleshoot your application. We can also arrange accommodations for our customers with testing needs outside our current capabilities. Contact us to learn more.

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