Enclosed Pressure Package for Conveying Wood Flour

Wood composite is a popular alternative to standard lumber for decking, fences, and other outdoor applications.  These composite materials are made by combining wood flour with plastic resins and then forming them into boards by extrusion or injection molding. This customer of ours needed a pressure package to convey the wood flour from storage silos into the production process.  The acoustical enclosure housing the blower package keeps the noise attenuated to the proper levels while providing hinged access panels on all sides for easy maintenance.

Wood Flour Conveying Pressure Package

Roots 612 RAM P3 Pressure Package with Acoustic Enclosure

  • Roots 612 RAM Positive Displacement Rotary Blower
  • VersaBase 678 with Integral Belt Guard and associated brackets for accessory mounting
  • Toshiba Motor, 75 HP, TEFC, Premium Efficiency, 1800 RPM, 1.15 SF, 230/460 Volts, 3 Phase 60 Hz
  • Motor Slide Base, Double Adjusting
  • Drive, V-Belt, minimum service factor of 1.4
  • Inlet Filter, 8″, Paper Element, Universal CF-6
  • Inlet Silencer, 8″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal SDY-6
  • Discharge Silencer, 6″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal SDY-6
  • Discharge Expansion Joint, 8″, Single Arch, EPDM
  • Relief Valve, Pressure, Kunkle 337 – 2.5”, Set point of 11 PSIG
  • Check Valve, 6″, Wafer Style, EPDM Seal
  • Pressure Gauge, 2.5″ Dia., 0-15 PSI, Liquid Filled, Snubber & Gauge Cock
  • Enclosure, Acoustical, Galvanized Steel, Removable Roof & Doors, 120V Exhaust Fan
    • Fabricated Steel Sub-base for common mounting of package and enclosure, Forklift Slots
    • Thermostat for Enclosure Interior Temperature
  • Mechanical Run Test @ Design Conditions
Sawdust blower system - interior view
Sawdust blower system - blower and motor
Sawdust blower system - exhaust system

Operating Conditions:
– Inlet Volume: 872 ACFM (750 SCFM)
– Site Elevation: 663′
– Barometric Pressure: 14.5 PSIA
– Inlet Temperature: 100 °F
– Inlet Pressure Drop: 0.3 PSI
– Blower Inlet Pressure: 14.0 PSIA
– Discharge Pressure Drop: 0.2 PSI
– Discharge Pressure: 8 PSIG
– Blower Differential Pressure: 8.5 PSI (52% of maximum)

Performance Data:
– Design Speed: 1,970 RPM (66% of maximum)
– Shaft Power: 45.5 BHP
– Discharge Temperature: 231 °F
– Differential Temperature: 131 °F (69% of maximum)
– Discharge Volume: 670 ACFM
– Estimated Noise Level: 88 dBa at 3 feet (with enclosure in place)

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