Which blowers can be used for steam applications?

Any of the Roots Gas series (URAI-G, RAM-GJ, RGS-J) can potentially be used in steam applications, however there are many factors to consider when selecting a unit that will work in your particular application as well as additional steps that may need to be taken to prepare your unit for service.

Selecting the right blower depends on the flow and pressure rise of your application. The blowers are limited to an average temperature of 250°F. Water injection is utilized at the blower inlet to maintain saturated steam at the blower discharge. By providing us with your inlet and discharge pressure, we will be able to size a blower to meet your application need.

In addition to selecting the right unit, your application may require some special options and upgrades to your blower or vacuum pump. These features are integrated during the manufacturing process and may extend lead time by up to 20 weeks. Some customer examples include:

  • Holes drilled in the strips of the impellers to allow water to run out from the cores of the impeller (used on RGS-J steam units)
  • Cylinder lagging (can be applied to any of the models)
  • Bronze impellers to provide spark and corrosion resistance for explosive vapor (available on the 616 and 412 RAM-GJ models)
  • Electrolysis Nickel coating on headplates, impellers and cylinder (Available on the RGS-J series)
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Capscrews on stub shafts (Used on RGS-J series)
  • Stainless Steel rotors (316 or 304)
  • Alloy stub shafts (17-4 PH SS, 316 SS, Inconel, Hastelloy)
  • Standard pressure lube with water cooled oil cooler (Used on RGS-J series)
  • Standard factory test (Standard for RGS-J series – test are conducted with air)
  • Armoloy coating of wetted components (available on the URAI-G and RAM-GJ)
  • Special o-ring materials (available on the RAM-GJ and RGS-J)

We have application engineers on staff who are experienced with steam applications and can assist you in determining the right equipment for your specific situation. Contact us online or give us a call at 800-536-9953.

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