How do I change the oil in a URAI-DSL blower?

A URAI-DSL or URAI-J-DSL blower features Dual Splash Lubrication, which means splash oil lubrication is used on both the gear end AND drive end of the unit (Basic URAI models use grease on the drive end).  On DSL units, the drive end has two shaft-mounted oil slingers and the gear end has ROOTS’ exclusive “figure-eight” gearbox design that improves oil distribution to maximize gear and bearing life. Sight glasses (3/8″) are provided for accurate oil level confirmation.

Proper lubrication and preventative maintenance is the key to a long blower life.  Refer to your blower manual to learn more about the proper lubrication intervals. Click here to learn more about lubrication for your blower. Click here for the amount of oil needed for your DSL unit.

To change the oil in your DSL blower follow these steps


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