COVID-19 UPDATE March 18, 2020

Last updated March 25, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: pdblowers has been deemed an essential business. All pdblowers locations are open and shipping as normal. At pdblowers the safety, health, and well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health […]

Blower Package for Peanut Shelling Plant October 22, 2019

Our blower packages are used in a wide range of agricultural conveying applications.  After final assembly, this pressure package will be integrated into a larger conveying system ultimately headed for a new peanut shelling plant.

Blower Packages for Waste Wood Processing October 11, 2019

These eight pressure packages will be integrated with turnkey systems that grind and shred waste wood, such as shipping pallets, into chips for removal and recycling.

36″ Air/Water Separator, 304 Stainless Steel October 3, 2019

One of our soil remediation customers was in need of a new 36″ air/water separator.  Their existing equipment was built with painted steel and over time this began to rust, so the new unit was designed with 304 stainless steel.  Since the new unit was replacing existing equipment, care was taken to insure the new […]

OEM Vacuum Packages for Material Handling System September 5, 2019

At pdblowers, we partner with a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to build packages that will be incorporated into larger complex systems.  The equipment for these packages can be provided by pdblowers, or can include parts provided by the OEM.  The packages can also be fully branded with the OEMs logo and colors. In […]

Adjustable Pressure Package with Chiller for Aerospace Material Testing August 7, 2019

In this interesting application, our customer is testing the heat resistance of materials used in airplanes.  Cold air is pumped into the bottom of a test chamber while the materials are heated in the center of the chamber.  As the air leaves through the top of the chamber, the temperature difference between the air at […]

Agitation Blower Package July 1, 2019

This blower package is used for agitation at a plant that manufactures aluminum electrode foil.  Since it was replacing existing equipment, care was taken to provide equipment that would not only match the system specs like RPMs, horsepower, and pressure, but that would also have the same type of lubrication needs and maintenance schedule for minimal […]

Project 390748 - equipment enclosure
Industrial Water Treatment Blower Package May 6, 2019

An enclosed version of our P3 pressure package, this project featured a 47 URAI blower, 10 HP motor, and starter panel on a custom fabricated skid with forklift slots for easy transport.  The acoustical enclosure was galvanized steel with removable doors and roof and a 120V exhaust fan.

Roots Distributor of the Year! April 4, 2019

Howden Roots, the manufacturer of Roots blowers, has named pdblowers, Inc. as the top distributor in both bookings and unit sales for 2018.  We are very excited to earn this recognition again.  Our success and growth has been founded on an unwavering commitment to serving our customers.  We maintain the largest in-stock inventory of blowers, […]

Custom 100 Gallon Air Water Separator March 28, 2019

pdblowers recently completed a custom 36″ air water separator for an environmental remediation customer.To meet the customer’s specifications, the unit was built with a carbon steel body and stainless steel internal baffle and can hold 100 gallons.

Blower Service Repair Technician-Reno, NV October 22, 2018

This position requires the dis-assembly, inspection and repair of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps. This includes small units that weigh as little as 30 pounds to units that can weigh several thousand pounds.  This position also requires the ability to manage shipping & receiving of blowers and blower related parts and accessories. Most of […]

Tri-Lobe Blower Pressure Packages for Aeration System August 1, 2018

A new aeration system at a sewage treatment plant required three large blower pressure packages with on-site startup and training. Each package features a 728 Tri-RAM tri-lobe blower.

Roots Distributor of the Year – 5 years running! July 30, 2018

Roots has just announced that for the fifth year in a row, pdblowers has been named the top distributor of Roots blowers. For 2017, pdblowers was recognized as the top distributor of Roots blowers in both bookings and unit sales. Since 1990, pdblowers has been a leading source of blowers, vacuum pumps and accessories, along […]

OEM Pressure Packages July 9, 2018

In addition to end users, pdblowers often works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), providing equipment and packages that will be incorporated into other complex systems.  For a recent project, we built four direct drive pressure packages to be used in industrial packing systems.

Air Backwash Blower System for Water Treatment Plant May 30, 2018

This customer needed three blower packages to be integrated with a filter backwash control system. In addition to sizing and building the packages, pdblowers provided on-site startup services and training for the operators and maintenance personnel.

New Location and Expanded Roots Territory May 1, 2018

This month pdblowers has expanded our reach again with a new location in Cincinnati, Ohio. pdblowers purchased the assets of The Crocker Company, a long-standing Roots distributor and agent, and will be servicing their customers and geographic territory moving forward. Both companies have a long history of providing technical knowledge and experienced support for customers […]

Duplex Single Phase Pressure Package March 27, 2018

One of our current packages is unique in that it features two separate blower packages housed on a duplex base. This pressure system will be exported to South America to provide aeration in a water treatment application. Our customer wanted this unique configuration so the blower packages can be alternated, while saving space with a small footprint.

Vacuum Exhauster Packages February 19, 2018

pdblowers has just finalized six vacuum exhauster packages, half featuring 721 DVJ vacuum pumps and half featuring 624 RAM vacuum pumps, to be used for material handling in a power plant.

821 RCS-J Pressure Packages February 19, 2018

pdblowers is currently finishing up three pressure packages that will be utilized for material handling in a coal-fired fossil plant.  Each package features: Roots 821 RCS-J blower 250 HP motor Motor slide base CCF-10 inlet filter SDY-10  inlet silencer 12″ inlet expansion joint 10″ 321 SS discharge expansion joint SDY-10 discharge silencer 4″ weighted relief […]

Ernst Concrete Bulk Tanker Packages February 7, 2018

For almost 30 years, pdblowers has worked with Ernst Concrete, providing positive displacement blower packages and accessories utilized in concrete plant conveying systems.  The two most recent pressure packages are used for bulk tanker unloading; the blower systems move the cement out of the tanker trucks and into the cement silos at the plant. These […]

pdblowers named 2016 Roots Distributor of the Year January 14, 2017

We are excited to announce that we have been named the top distributor of Roots blowers for the third year in a row. For 2016, pdblowers was the top distributor for Howden Roots Blowers in both bookings and unit sales. 2016 saw the opening of our second west coast location in Kent, Washington and the […]

Our North Carolina office has relocated November 8, 2016

Last week we opened our doors at a new location in Winston-Salem. While we have had a presence in North Carolina for years, we are relocating to better serve our customers with a more central location in Winston-Salem. The new location is strategically placed so we can provide better service and features a larger warehouse […]

SVE System Rated at 2,000 SCFM at 11″Hgg June 28, 2016

pdblowers, Inc. custom built this 200 HP Soil Vapor Extraction system to meet the customers exacting specifications. The system features include: Roots 1016 RAS-JV Rotary Positive Displacement Blower 200 HP Inverter Duty Rated Motor Inlet Air/Water Separator Extraction Pump with level control Inlet Air Dilution Valve Inline Filter Discharge Silencer Discharge Heat Exchanger Instrument Panel […]

New distribution facility in pacific northwest June 1, 2016

pdblowers is proud to announce that we are continuing our west coast expansion with a new facility, strategically located near Seattle in Kent, WA. In 2013 we opened our first facility on the west coast–a 3,500 square foot facility in Reno, NV–allowing us to expand our distribution footprint and drastically reduce shipping times and freight […]

pdblowers named Howden Roots Distributor of the Year April 6, 2016

For the second year in a row pdblowers has been named the top distributor for Roots, the number one manufacturer of industrial blowers.

Production begins in our new facility June 25, 2015

pdblowers is now up and running in our brand new, state-of-the-art, 50,000 foot production facility in Gainesville, GA

pdblowers named GE Roots Distributor of the Year June 25, 2015

pdblowers has been recognized as the top distributor for Roots in 2014, the number one manufacturer of industrial blowers.

Celebrating our 25th anniversary May 14, 2015

Thank you to all of our customers, vendors, and other friends who have been a part of our 25 year history. We look forward to the next 25!

Construction has begun on our new facility July 3, 2014

Work is now underway on the construction of our new 50,000 square foot production facility

West Coast Expansion November 18, 2013

Expanded Roots distribution and new facility means faster delivery times and lower freight costs