Plastic Conveying Pressure Package

Most of our projects begin with basic application specifications from our customers which our engineers use to size a custom blower package that will meet the requirements. In this case, our customer needed a pressure package to convey PET regrind through a 4″ line at 1500 lbs/hr. The total distance the material would travel is 30 feet vertical and 220 feet horizontal, passing through three 90 degree elbows.

To accommodate their desired flow of 410 CFM and pressure of 4 PSI, our engineers and designers created a pressure package with a Roots 59 URAI blower driven by a 20HP motor.

Roots 59 URAI Positive Displacement Rotary Blower
VersaBase 567 with Integral Belt Guard and associated brackets for accessory mounting
Motor, 20 HP, TEFC, Premium Efficiency, 1800 RPM, 1.15 SF, 230/460 Volts, 3 Phase 60 Hz
Motor Slide Base, Double Adjusting
Drive, V-Belt, minimum service factor of 1.4
Inlet Filter, 5″, Paper Element, Universal CCF-5
Inlet Silencer, 5″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal SD-5
Discharge Silencer, 4″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal SD-4
Discharge Flex Connector, 4″, Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass
Relief Valve, Pressure, Spring Type, Kunkle 337, 2″, Set at 6 PSI
Check Valve, 4″ MNPT, EPDM Seal
Pressure Gauge, 2.5″ Dia., 0-15 PSI, Liquid Filled, Snubber & Gauge Cock
Mechanical Run Test @ Design Conditions

Operating Conditions:
– Inlet Volume: 486 ACFM (421 SCFM)
– Site Elevation: 500′
– Barometric Pressure: 14.4 PSIA
– Inlet Temperature: 100 °F
– Inlet Pressure Drop: 0.3 PSI
– Blower Inlet Pressure: 14.1 PSIA
– Discharge Pressure Drop: 0.2 PSI
– Discharge Pressure: 4.0 PSIG
– Blower Differential Pressure: 4.5 PSI (70% of maximum)

Performance Data:
– Design Speed: 2100 RPM (64% of maximum)
– Shaft Power: 12.9 BHP
– Discharge Temperature: 163 °F
– Differential Temperature: 63 °F (28% of maximum)
– Discharge Volume: 410 ACFM
– Estimated Noise Level: 85 dBa at 3 feet

Roots 59URAI blower package
Roots 59 URAI blower pressure package
P2 pressure package with Roots 59 URAI
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