Product Description

Nominal Size: 10″ID x 8″ OAL
Flange: 10″ 150 lb floating
Face to Face Dimension: 8″
Lateral Deflection: (+/- 3/4″)
Axial Extension: 3/4″
Axial Compression: 1″
Angular Deflection: 7 degrees
Working Pressure: 135 psig
Maximum Vacuum: 26″Hgg
Body Construction: EPDM
Temperature Range: 20 to 250°F (good for 300°F blower service at 20psi or less)

Flange OD: 16″
Bolt Circle Diameter: 14.25″
Number of Bolt Holes: 12
Bolt Hole Diameter: 1″
Recommend Bolt Diameter: 7/8″

Proco Expansion Joints are designed for the most rigorous piping system configuration. The molded spherical shape is inherently stronger than the spool arch type. Internal pressure inside a sphere is exerted in all directions, distributing forces evenly over a larger area, and reducing turbulence and sediment buildup.

Proco style 240 are single sphere rubber expansion joints that allow for axial compression or axial extension, and lateral deflection as well as angular movement. Their easy installation makes them the logical choice for even the toughest jobs.

Some of the notable features and benefits of the Proco Style 240 Expansion Joints are:

  • Absorption of Directional Movement
  • Easy Installation with Rotating Metallic Flanges
  • Wide Range of Flange Materials Available
  • Absorption of Vibration, Noise and Shock
  • Wide Range of Service and Lighter Weight
  • Easy Material Identification

10″ Single Sphere EPDM Proco Expansion Joint

BOM Number: 10 x 08 240 AVE SKU: 29732.B Category:

Shipping Weight: 57 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 16.5 × 16.5 × 9.5 in

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