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5002 / 07 Style Inline NPT Check Valves

Male NPT seatless, full port, double disc check valve. Valves are available by order in a variety of materials; pdblowers standard features Carbon Steel body (ASTM A106 Gr.B), Aluminum internals (ASTM 6061T6 Discs and Wing Support), EPDM seals and no spring. Maximum working pressure is 250 psi at 60°F. EPDM Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°F.

The 3″ Inline Check Valve has the following specifications:

  • Diameter: 3.45″ (A), 3.9″ (C)
  • Overall Length: 5.5″ (B)
  • US Valve 07 PN: 07-1-0E (3)
  • Techno 5002 Class A 3″ PN: 3.0 EHT CS AL U NS 150 MP

valve diagram

US Valve Series 07 Full Port Inline Check Valves
Full Port Wafer Check Valves provide more flow and lower pressure drops than conventional check valves. The US Valve elastomer hinge wafer check valve design takes performance to an entirely new level by eliminating the restrictive valve seat and substantially increasing the valve’s open area and flow coefficient (Cv). The resulting flow is more laminar, with lower pressure loss and reduced turbulence. It also improves valve life and reliability. Keeping pressure loss low is always important, but particularly so when handling low pressure air and gases.

These valves are equivalent to Techno™ Check Valve 5002 series

Dual disc wafer check valves are the clear choice for many piping engineers because of their proven reliability, ease of installation and low ΔP. Now, they are available in a full port design that dramatically improves performance. They are ideal for application in vacuum pumps, compressed air and gas systems as well as in water systems where low head loss and elimination of water hammer are desirable.

Full Port Inline Check Valves offer some impressive advantages over other types of check valves.

  • Low Pressure Drop (High Cv)
    Elastomer hinge check valves have larger open area than other designs, thus providing higher capacity and lower pressure drops than swing and lift check, or even traditional dual plate wafer designs.
  • Light Weight
    Reduces weight by 80–90% compared to conventional Flanged check valves.
  • ARRA Compliant
    USA content, substantial transformation and local assembly makes US Valve Full Port Wafer Check Valves ARRA compliant for government funded projects.
  • Alleviates Water Hammer
    When spring activated, US Valve discs are designed to close 33% faster than standard dual plate wafer check valves due to the fact that they are closed at a 30 degree angle. This makes for an effective non-slam design when installed in liquid applications.
  • Simple Installation
    Easier to install, remove and replace in both new and existing piping systems.

Variety of Configurations
US Valve offers a wide variety of inline check valves in different styles and materials. These can be assembled with any one of our standard body, disc, optional spring and elastomer seal choices to make a valve that exactly fits your application. Pins and hardware are always 316SS.

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
316 SS Standard Torque
316 SS Low Torque
Buna N

Contact pdblowers if you would like a quote on any of these options.

Cracking Pressure
The cracking pressure is the amount of pressure needed to open the valve from its sealed position. This is insignificant for most applications.

  • With no spring the cracking pressure is <0.01 psi
  • With standard torque spring it is 0.16 psi
  • With low torque spring it is 0.13 psi

3″ Inline Check Valve

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Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 3.5 × 3.5 × 5.5 in

US Valve

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Carbon Steel

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