This product has been discontinued. For information on service or replacement models, please see below.
Product Description

Roots model 34 RAI Blower

Flow Range:
Max ΔPressure: 7 psi
Max ΔVacuum: 14″ Hg
Maximum Speed: 3275 RPM
Max ΔT: 180° F
Connection Size:
Shaft Diameter:
Drive End Lubrication: Grease
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil for Gear End: 6 Fl Oz Horizontal unit, 4 Fl Oz Vertical unit

The Roots rotary blower RAI Series are now obsolete, replaced by the Universal RAI series.

The RAI blowers were standard duty units available in either vertical or horizontal construction for easy adaptability. The basic model consisted of a cast iron casing, alloy steel gears, steel shafts, cast iron involute impellers, ball bearings, splash lube on gear end, and pressure lube on drive end. Maximum gear speed was 3,000 FPM.

Features that make the Roots rotary blower RAI Series distinctive over the current Universal RAI are as follows:

  • Mounting Feet are cast into the headplates versus removable mounting feet on current Universal RAI frames
  • Cast iron gear housing versus cast aluminum on current Universal RAIs