This product has been discontinued. For information on service or replacement models, please see below.
Product Description

Roots model 42 XA gas pump

Flow Range: to 81 CFM
Max ΔPressure: 6 psi
Max ΔVacuum: 12″ Hg
Maximum Speed: 1620 RPM
Minimum Speed: 954 RPM
Max ΔT: 240° F
Connection Size: 1.5″
Shaft Diameter: 0.7812″
Drive End Lubrication: Grease
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil for Gear End: 10 Fl Oz
Unit Weight: 115 lb

The Roots XA gas pump models are now obsolete, replaced by the Universal RAI-G units.  URAI-G blowers can replace the XA models, however they are not dimensionally interchangeable; some connection sizes will be different and require system changes.

The XA series were standard duty units suitable for either pressure or vacuum service. The compact, sturdy design was intended specifically for continuous duty with no service interruptions when operated within proper speed and pressure ratings. The basic model, suitable for either rotation, consisted of a cast iron casing, alloy steel gears, steel shafts, cast iron impellers, split lip-type clipper seals on each shaft and ball bearings.  The unit had splash lubrication on the gear end and grease lubrication on the drive end.  The standard unit had a left hand drive, but the unit could be modified for a right hand drive.

42 XA Roots Gas Pump



This product has been discontinued.

The XA Series has been discontinued and replaced by the Universal RAI-G blower series. Note these are not dimensionally interchangeable.

A 42 XA is typically replaced with a 42 or 36 URAI-G. Click here to view URAI-G models.