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Lightweight Aluminum Swing Check Valves

These valves stop flow reversal in air and gas applications for pneumatic and bulk material handling industries. Designed for installation between two flanges in either vertical or horizontal piping systems.

They feature a balanced disc where only 33% of the disc area is unbalanced. This is considerably less than conventional check valves. This feature tends to reduce back-flow and eliminate slamming
(a major factor in valve failure), and permits the disc to open with a minimum of pressure differential.


  • American Made – Manufactured  in the Midwest
  • Minimum Pressure Drop – Maximum flow due to the low profile, aerodynamic disc design;
  • Stem Bushings – Teflon for an extended service life; rated to +500°F;
  • Aluminum Body and Disc – Lightweight for easy installation. High strength aluminum alloy for strength and extended service life;
  • Simple Design – Only one moving part ensures long, trouble-free service;
  • Teflon Seal – Seal and stem bushings are standard with Teflon for a long service life;
  • One Piece thru Stem – Stainless steel for strength and durability;
  • Low Maintenance Cost – Seat is easily replaced;
  • Wafer Design – Fits between 150# flanges. Minimal space required for lightweight piping applications.


valve diagramThe 6″ Swing Check Valve has the following dimensions:

  • A: 8 3/4″
  • B: 5/8″
  • C: 1 1/8″
  • D: 3 5/8″
  • E: 1 5/16″

valve diagram - open and closed positions

pressure drop vs flow

6″ Aluminum Check Swing Valve

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