Product Description

Flow Range: to 3244 CFM
Max Δ Pressure: 10 psi
Max Δ Vacuum: 16″ Hg
Maximum RPM: 3000
Minimum RPM: 636
Max ΔT: 230˚F
Inlet Connection: 10″ FLG
Discharge Connection: 8″ FLG
Shaft Dia.: 2″
Drive End Lubrication: Oil
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil for Horizontal Unit: 145 ounces
Required Oil for Vertical Unit: 83 ounces
Unit Weight: 910 pounds (413.6 kg)
Shipping Weight: 1037 pounds (353 kg)
Shipping Container: Skid 54″x 32″ x 30″ (L x W x H)

Plugged Impellers
In certain applications, such as pneumatic conveying, plugged impellers may be needed to keep material from building up in the rotor and creating an imbalance. RAM, RCS, and RAS units can be supplied with plugged impellers with additional cost and lead time. Contact us to discuss your application with one of our professional application engineers.

624 ROOTS™ RAM™ WHISPAIR™ Rotary Positive Blower

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Max Flow: 3244 CFM
Max Pressure: 10 psi
Max Vacuum: 16″ Hg
Max Speed: 3000 RPM

Shipping Weight: 1005 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 54 × 32 × 29 in
Max Flow:


Max Pressure:

10 psi

Max Vacuum:

16" Hg

Max Speed:

3000 RPM


Howden Roots