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US Valve Series 31 Wafer Style Check Valves
Cast iron body, 316 stainless steel internals and hardware, 316 stainless steel spring, EPDM seal

The 8″ Wafer Check Valve has the following specifications:

  • A: 11″, B: 3 3/4″, C: 8″, D: 3 7/16″ – See diagram
  • ASME Class 125
  • EPDM Temperature Range: -40° F to 300° F
  • Maximum working pressure: 250 psi at 60° F
  • Assembled, inspected, and tested in the USA

valve diagram


US Valve Series 31 Dual Disc Wafer Style Check Valves
Dual Plate Wafer Check Valves have been the preferred choice for decades due to their proven reliability and low pressure drops. All US Valve check valves are tested to API 598 and must meet or exceed all applicable API, ANSI and ASTM Standards.

Dual Plate Wafer Check Valves offer some impressive advantages over other types of check valves.

  • Low Pressure Drop (High Cv)
    Dual plate wafer check valves have larger open area than other designs, thus reducing pressure drop compared to swing, lift or other check valves.
  • Light Weight
    Reduces weight by 80–90% compared to conventional Flanged check valves.
  • Lower Cost
    Light weight, compact profiles and the elimination of flanges allows DPW check valves to be manufactured more economically than other designs, especially as pipe diameters increase.
  • Alleviates Water Hammer
    Our spring activated discs are designed to close our valves quickly. This assures high performance, eliminating chatter and creating dynamic responsiveness in a non-slam design.
  • Simple Installation
    Easier to install, remove and replace in both new and existing piping systems.

Variety of Configurations
US Valve offers a wide variety of wafer bodies in different styles and materials. These can be assembled with any one of our standard disc, optional spring and elastomer seal choices to make a valve that exactly fits your application. Pins and hardware are always 316SS.  Contact pdblowers if you would like a quote on any of these options.

Carbon Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Ductile Iron
316 SS Standard Torque
Inconel X-750
316 SS API Trim 10
Class 125
Class 150
Class 300
Class 600

5050 Style Check Valve
US Valve produces their own US Valve branded 31 series as well as the Techno 5050 series. While there were originally some minor differences between the two series, these are now the same valves.

8″ Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve

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Typically kept in stock. If not, lead time <1 week.

Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 11 × 13 × 3.75 in

US Valve

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Body Materials:

Cast Iron

Internal Materials:

Stainless Steel

Seal Elastomer:


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