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To protect your equipment and your workers while maintaining a minimal footprint, our clamshell style enclosure fits directly over the motor and blower of your pressure package. An aluminum shell is attached to one of our VersaBase mounts in a hinged style that can be easily opened for inspection and maintenance.

We create completely custom enclosures from the ground up, but even our standard designs are fully customizable to fit your equipment and environment.

The clamshell enclosures are made to fit over our VersaBase blower mounts, models 23, 34, and 567. These three standard mounting platforms accommodate Roots URAI blowers models 22 through 76 or comparable sized units from other manufacturers and support up to a 50 HP motor. For larger enclosures, a clamshell design may not be practical and we would recommend a fully enclosed design.

Our clamshell style enclosures typically feature an aluminum shell due to its light weight, however this enclosure can also be built with other materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder coated steel, or painted steel depending on your specific needs.

Unlike our other enclosure styles, the clamshell design is often not insulated to keep weight down. If insulation is desired, a layer of foam can be applied, however please note that this style of enclosure is not designed for noise attenuation; if reduced equipment noise is your goal, view our designs that fully enclose the equipment.

The clamshell enclosure is mounted to a VersaBase “table-top” mounting platform which is a fabricated steel base optimized for versatile mounting of positive displacement blower and vacuum pump packages. VersaBase platforms are available in a range of sizes to accommodate your equipment. An additional sub-base can be added if desired.

Air is introduced into the enclosure from open space underneath the equipment so no exhaust system is needed.

Clamshell Enclosure

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Streamlined enclosure designed for blower packages. Features a lightweight clamshell cover that can be easily hinged open for equipment access.

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