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These CCF-12 large cartridge filters are part of an inventory clearance sale.  Only 2 left in stock at this deeply discounted price.  If you need a different element or larger quantity, please click here for the regularly priced model.

Air Cartridge Filter Model Designation: CCF-12
Filter, 12″ FPT Connection
Paper Element: Element Part Number 81-1163
Felt Element: Element Part Number 81-1209
Wire Element: Element Part Number 81-1200
Dimensions: 24″ OD x 15.38″ Height
Rated Capacity: 4300 CFM at 5500 feet per minute (FPM)
ABS Plastic Weatherhood

CCF Series air cartridge filter is hard-wearing and suitable for use on blowers, engines and compressors.

Standard finish is a blue enamel primer. These inventory clearance items have been coated with an additional primer coat of Sherwin-Williams KEM KROMIK, a rust inhibiting, corrosion resistant phenolic alkyd resin primer, followed by a finish coat of Sherwin-Williams SHER-KEM® high gloss metal finishing enamel.

These four filters have a galvanized wire mesh filter element.  Replacement elements are available in high efficiency paper and pleated polyester felt.

Paper Element Unit is 34-L12-AAP
Felt Element Unit is 34-L12-AAF
Wire Element Unit is 34-L12-AAW

The weatherhood is removable for access to the air cartridge filter element.

Pressure Drop for the filter is as follows:
50% of rated flow: 0.75″ water column pressure drop
75% of rated flow: 1.6″ water column pressure drop
100% of rated flow: 2.8″ water column pressure drop
125% of rated flow: 4.4″ water column pressure drop
150% of rated flow: 6.3″ water column pressure drop

CLEARANCE: CCF-12F Air Cartridge Filter w/ Wire Element and Durable Finish Coat

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Inventory clearance sale
Features special finish to prevent rust
Only 2 left in stock at this price!

Shipping Weight: 110 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 30 × 30 × 22 in
Max Flow:


Connection Size:

12" Flanged


Universal Silencer

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