Product Description

DuroFlow 7015 Blower

The Gardner Denver Duroflow Positive Displacement Blower series has a number of models equivalent to Roots models in the Roots-Flo and RAM series, although the DuroFlow 7015 is more often compared with the Roots RCS-J 715.  pdblowers is a distributor and agent for Roots, the top manufacturer of positive displacement blowers.  We offer repair and replacement services for the Duroflow 7015 blower. Click here to learn more about Duroflow 7015 blower repair.

DuroFlow 7015

Flow Range: to 2215 CFM
Max ΔPressure: 15 psi
Max ΔVacuum: 16″ Hg
Maximum Speed: 2650 RPM
Minimum Speed: 545 RPM
Max ΔT: ° F
Connection Size: 8″ FLG
Shaft Diameter: 2.5″
Drive End Lubrication: Oil
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil for Horizontal Unit: 283 Fl Oz
Required Oil for Vertical Unit: 112 Fl Oz
Unit Weight: 1000 lb


DuroFlow Model Numbers
Model numbers consist of up to 11 characters and will be stamped on a nameplate on the blower.

Standard 7015 model numbers: GGGCACA, GGGCBCA, GGGCCCA, GGGCDCA

DuroFlow model number chart



DuroFlow 7015


Shipping Weight: 1100 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 54 × 32 × 34 in
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