Product Description

pdblowers designs and builds a wide variety of enclosures to protect both equipment and workers. Our standard enclosure with removable panels is designed for blower and vacuum pump packages and is suitable for many other types of equipment that require noise attenuation or must be protected from the elements. It features easily removable panels for equipment access and maintenance. The enclosure protects your equipment from the elements while also achieving typical noise reduction of 12 to 20 dBa based on the attenuation materials selected.

We create completely custom enclosures from the ground up, but even our standard designs are fully customizable to fit your equipment and environment:

Our enclosures are built to your spec at any size, however this style of enclosure is most commonly sized from 5’x3’x4′ up to 6’x5’x5′. ¬†For larger enclosures, we recommend a hinged panel enclosure due to the increased weight of the access panels.

Our most popular option for this style enclosure is galvanized steel, which is cost effective, durable, and resists rusting. This enclosure can also be built with aluminum, stainless steel, powder coated steel, or painted steel depending on your specific needs.

Our most popular insulation option is 2″ Rockwool mechanically fastened to the interior skin of the enclosure; this is a budget friendly option that provides typical noise reduction of 12 to 20 dBA at 3′ from the package. Other insulation materials are available including foam, recycled carpet pads, foam with quilted mylar scrim surface, and decoupled foam. A perforated liner is also available to protect personnel from coming into contact with the insulation and minimize damage; a liner is recommended when the enclosure will be opened for maintenance on a regular basis.

Our standard is a custom fabricated steel sub-base with anchors and lifting lugs.

Air is introduced into the enclosure on the ends at the top. Ventilation air must be used to eliminate overheating of a blower package. If you elect to use the enclosure for other equipment, please specify the expected heat load and we can offer solutions to best suit your needs.

Exhaust fans are a common option. We can supply fans for the enclosures for any of the following voltages: 120 Vac/1/60, 208 Vac/1/60, 208 Vac/3/60, 240 Vac/3/60, 277 Vac/1/60, 460 Vac/3/60 (also referred as 480 Vac/3/60), 380 Vac/3/50, 220 Vac/1/50

Enclosure with Removable Panels

Acoustical Weather Enclosure designed for blower and vacuum pump packages. Features removable panels for easy access to the equipment.

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