Product Description

Stoddard Model Designation: F72-5
Filter/Silencer, 5″ Flanged Connection
Dimensions: 16″ OD x 8″ Height
Rated Capacity: 750 CFM
Element Type(s): Polyurethane
Weight: 23 lbs

The F72 Series Filter Silencer is a compact design that mounts directly on the inlet of a blower, engine or compressor.

Filter Silencer features are as follows:
This filter silencer comes with a polyurethane filter element rated at 98%+ on 10 micron particles and larger
Filter change out differential: 10 to 15 in. H2O above initial delta P
Typical noise attenuation of 16 to 20 dB
The weatherhood is removable for access to the air filter element.

Filter element part number: F8-120
Alternate elements: F8-109 Paper element, F8-135 Polyester Felt element, F8-130 Wire mesh element

Stoddard F64 and F72 intake filters and filter-silencers

The Stoddard F64 and F72 intake filters and filter-silencers are designed to mount directly on the inlet of a blower, compressor, or engine.  They provide 16dB to 20dB noise reduction.

Stoddard F64 F72 attenuation curve

Stoddard F64 F72 diagramThe housing of the F64 series and F72 series are the same; the only difference is the filter element inside.  The F64 models have a paper filter element by default but can also be specified with a felt or wire element.  The F72 models have a polyurethane filter element.  If you have either a F64 or F72 filter you can replace the filter element inside with any of these four options.


F64-1 F72-1 Filter/ Silencer 1″ NPT 10″ 4″ 7″ 35 9 F8-108 F8-151 F8-129 F8-119
F64-1.5 F72-1.5 Filter/ Silencer 1.5″ NPT 10″ 4″ 7″ 80 9 F8-108 F8-151 F8-129 F8-119
F64-2 F72-2 Filter/ Silencer 2″ NPT 10″ 4″ 7″ 135 10 F8-108 F8-151 F8-129 F8-119
F64-2.5 F72-2.5 Filter/ Silencer 2.5″ NPT 10″ 4″ 7″ 180 10 F8-108 F8-151 F8-129 F8-119
F64-3 F72-3 Filter/ Silencer 3″ NPT 16″ 5″ 8″ 285 20 F8-109 F8-135 F8-130 F8-120
F64-4 F72-4 Filter/ Silencer 4″ NPT 16″ 5″ 8″ 520 20 F8-109 F8-135 F8-130 F8-120
F64-5 F72-5 Filter/ Silencer 5″ NPT or Flange 16″ 5″ 8″ 750 23 F8-109 F8-135 F8-130 F8-120
F64-6 F72-6 Filter/ Silencer 6″ Flange 20″ 5″ 8″ 1235 40 F8-110 F8-134 F8-131 F8-121
F64-8 F72-8 Filter/ Silencer 8″ Flange 20″ 10″ 13″ 2125 50 F8-111 F8-139 F8-132 F8-122
F64-10 F72-10 Filter 10″ Flange 26″ 15.5″ 20″ 3335 95 F8-137 F8-148 F8-142 F8-123
F64-12 F72-12 Filter 12″ Flange 26″ 15.5″ 20″ 4675 100 F8-137 F8-148 F8-142 F8-123
F64-14 F72-14 Filter 14″ Flange 26″ 15.5″ 20″ 5655 115 F8-137 F8-148 F8-142 F8-123

Cleaning your Stoddard Filter Element

Turn off the air moving device prior to servicing. Remove the wing nut on the housing cover and then lift the cover off. Check the filter elements and then service using the instructions below. After cleaning, check inside the housing for loose articles before replacing the weatherhood and restarting the air moving device.

To extend the service life of a Stoddard paper filter, rap the element to dislodge accumulated dirt. Alternately, compressed air (75 PSIG max) can be directed through the element opposite to the direction of air flow to dislodge dirt. These paper filter elements will eventually need to be replaced.

For the polyester felt elements or polyurethane prefilters, wash in sink or large pan using water and any good washday type detergent and rinse clean. Squeeze out filter by pressing it against metal grid. Let stand and allow to dry completely. Felt and polyurethane elements will eventually need to be replaced.

Epoxy coated wire mesh elements should be soaked in hot water and detergent. After the element has completely dried, adhestive (light oil) can be applied at 1.5 to 2 oz.; allow excess to drain off prior to installing. These elements can be used indefinitely.

F72-5 Stoddard 5″ Flanged Filter/Silencer

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Shipping Weight: 23 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 16 × 16 × 9 in
Max Flow:

750 CFM

Connection Size:

5" FLG

Assembly Type:

Filter / Silencer


Stoddard Silencer

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