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The Model K2100 coalescer element is utilized in the Turbo-TOC® turbine oil conditioning system to protect turbine oil from water contamination. The K2100 coalescer is used in Turbo-TOC® Models KL5, KL10, KL30, KL60 and KT100/KL100. The K2100 coalescer uses micro fibers to begin the coalescing process, and ends with multiple macro fiber layers to finish the coalescing process. The final ingredient is a hydrophobic water drainage layer, which enhances water droplet separation. In addition, the K2100 coalescer includes upstream and downstream support materials to maintain element integrity. All coalescing layers are pleated to reduce oil flow velocity to boost water removal efficiency.


  • Exceptional Water Removal Efficiency: Combination of the K2100 coalescer element and K3100 separator element provide water removal to 200 ppm, with ultimate dryness to 100 ppm, at a water removal efficiency of greater than 95%.
  • Reliable Construction: The K2100 coalescer manufacturing process uses long established construction techniques and proven assembly methods.
  • Cost Effective Solution: Kaydon Filtration elements provide for effective Life-Cycle Costing* (LCC). Factors such as element life, oil cleanliness levels, equipment reliability, and reduction of oil related failures contribute to credible savings and productivity. *Life Cycle Costing (LCC) — This is the true cost associated with the use of a filter element. This takes into account cleanliness of oil, filter life, change-out frequencies, and operator involvement. The cost of the filter element alone does not give a true evaluation of the overall cost.


Specification Turbo-TOC K2100 Coalescer
Outside Diameter 6 inches / 152 mm
Inside Diameter 2-5/8 inches / 67 mm
Length 44 inches / 1118 mm
Weight 9 pounds / 4 kg
Efficiency > 95%
(combined with a K3100 separator element)
Minimum Collapse Pressure 100 psid / 7 kg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature 250 F / 120 C
Replacement Pressure PSID 15 psid / 1.06 kg/cm2
Gasket Material Buna-N
Flow Direction Inside-Out
Type Coalescer (water removal)
Application Turbo-TOC® Coalescer Element


For more than 80 years, Kaydon Filtration has been defining and improving oil conditioning technology. And the heart of the technology resides within the elements. Turbo-TOC® elements are produced with careful filtration media selections, detailed element design practices, and well developed construction methods. Using authorized Turbo-TOC® elements delivers exceptional filtration and water removal performance.

K2100 Turbo-TOC Coalescer Element

BOM Number: K2100, A910267 SKU: 62014 Category:

Used in Turbo-TOC® Models KL5, KL10, KL30, KL60 and KT100/KL100
Lead time is typically 2 weeks

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 47 in
Filter Outside Diameter:


Filter Inside Diameter:


Filter Height:


Seal Elastomer:




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