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ROOTS™ Synthetic Lubricant ISO VG 150 is specified for use in all of Roots’ rotary lobe products when ambient temperatures are in the range of 0˚F to 32˚F (-18˚C to 0˚C).

Oil for Roots Blower products is superior in performance to petroleum based products. It has high oxidation stability, excellent corrosion protection, extremely high film strength and a low coefficient of friction. Typical oil change intervals are increased 2-3 times over petroleum based lubricants. Another important property is it is 100% compatible with petroleum based oils. Simply drain the oil in the blower and refill the reservoirs with ROOTS™ Synthetic Oil to maintain optimum performance.

ROOTS PN: 813106021

ROOTS Synthetic Lubricant ISO VG 150 1 Gallon

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Can be used on all ROOTS blowers
VG150 is in stock with very limited quantities

Shipping Weight: 7.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6.875 × 4.375 × 10.25 in

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