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Roots Model 68 URAI-DVJ DSL
Flow Range: to 810 CFM (at 15″ Hg)
Max Δ Vacuum: 27″ Hg (915 mbar)
Max RPM: 2600
Min RPM: 1200
Max ΔT: 240˚F
Connection: 5″ FLG Inlet / 6″ FLG Discharge
Shaft Dia.: 1.375″
Drive End Lubrication: Oil
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil Gear End Horizontal Unit: 52.1 ounces
Required Oil Drive End Horizontal Unit: 30.5 ounces
Required Oil Gear End Vertical Unit: 28.3 ounces
Required Oil Drive End Vertical Unit: 15.5 ounces
Unit Weight: 470 pounds
Shipping Container: Wood skid, open, blower lagged to skid


Normal DVJ applications have a vacuum on the inlet and atmospheric pressure on the discharge jet port connections. One jet port must have a full size inlet silencer with no valve or other restrictions. The other port must have the metal cover plate installed.

DVJ Blowers are supplied with internal abradable graphite-based coating. The effect of coating is to close up internal clearances, decreasing slip and increasing flow and efficiency at any given speed. Machines with internal abradable coating are for use with clean, dry air only.

Roots 68 URAI-DSL DVJ Vacuum Blower

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This model is currently experiencing long lead times from the factory. Please contact us if you need to confirm inventory prior to ordering.
Shipping Weight: 470 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 22 × 26 × 20 in
Max Flow:

810 CFM

Max Vacuum:

27" Hg

Max Speed:

2600 RPM


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