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Roots EasyAir 8000 – 2 packages in stock and ready to ship!

We have two EasyAir 8000 Pressure Packages in stock and ready for shipment.  Originally purchased by an end user, these packages sat in storage and were never used.  Both packages have been tested and are ready to ship.

EasyAir 8000 Pressure Package, EAZ-33-10, Specifications:

  • 33 URAI-DSL LHC, Roots Unit
  • V-Belt Drive with ROOTS automatic belt tensioner
  • Inlet filter silencer carbon steel, tube type non-packed and paper element
  • Noise enclosure galvanized coated steel, blue powder coat textured finish
    • equipped with (4) light weight locking access panels
  • Shaft mounted exhaust fans
  • Heavy duty vibration pads with leveling screws
  • Panel mounted filter restriction gauge, Dwyer Minihelic II 2-5040
  • Panel mounted discharge pressure gauge, Ashcroft 1009SW
  • Panel mounted discharge temperature gauge, Weiss 25UB3-5131
  • Discharge silencer base, multi chamber, carbon steel non-packed
  • Discharge flex connector W/SS clamps ship loose item to be installed on site by others
  • Discharge check valve, 2.5” plain end Flexi-Hinge ship loose to be installed on site by others
  • Spring type pressure relief valve, (1) Kunkel Model 337, factory set at 6.0 PSIG
  • Oil fill bottle, oil drain manifold with oil level sight glass
  • Baldor Motor 10 HP, 1800 RPM, NEMA TEFC, 1.15 SF sine wave power, 1.0SF when used with VFD 3/60hz/230/460V
    • Premium Efficiency with 40° C ambient
    • Thermostats (3) normally closed, one per phase routed to main conduit box.
  • All Equipment mounted except where noted
  • Package dimensions: 52″x36″x43″
  • Dimensions including shipping skid: 72″x48″x49″

Roots EasyAir 8000 Series

The ROOTS™ EasyAir®8000 Factory Blower Package System is a noise abatement enclosure containing a pre-assembled, skid-mounted blower unit. All standard equipment is pre-mounted. It is produced for vacuum or pressure applications, enabling simple, on-site installation.

Roots EasyAir 8000 Design Features

  • Roots-engineered noise abatement enclosure with power ventilation to optimize equipment life and extend reliability
  • Patented automatic belt tension system
  • Lightweight panels for ease of maintenance and blower unit access
  • Minimized footprint for easy installation
  • Front-mounted differential filter and discharge pressure gauges for easy viewing
  • Up to 22dBA free field noise attenuation with enclosure
  • Integrated forklift slots for convenient, balanced transportation

Roots EasyAir 8000 Advantages

  • Powder-coated enclosure for durability and protection against harsh elements
  • Dual-splash lubrication on units up to 6” (15.24cm) gear diameter
  • Removable locking panels for easy access
  • Integrated grill guard for maintenance inspection without dismantling
  • Intake volumes from 17.66 cfm (30 m3/hr) to 5297 cfm (9000 m3/hr)
  • Pressures to 15 psig (1034 Bargs)
  • Motor horsepower to 500 hp (372 kw)
  • Extremely compact design
  • Short installation cycle time
  • Low installation and operation cost
  • Additional optional features available for ease of lubrication maintenance

Roots EasyAir 8000 Standard Equipment

  • ROOTS™ Dual Splash Lubricated Universal RAI®, RAM™, or TRI-NADO® blowers
  • TEFC EPACT motor
  • Inlet filter silencer with paper element
  • Filter restriction gauge
  • Discharge base frame/discharge silencer
  • Spring pressure relief valve
  • Discharge pressure gauge (dual scale)
  • Discharge check valve
  • Vibration pads
  • Manufacturer’s standard paint on internal components
  • Powder-coated finish on noise enclosure

Roots EasyAir 8000 EAZ-33-10 Pressure Packages – Special Offer

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We have two EasyAir 8000, EAZ-33-10, Pressure Packages in stock and ready for shipment.  Originally purchased by an end user, these packages sat in storage and were never used.  Both packages have been tested and are ready to ship. Only 1 left in stock!


Shipping Weight: 900 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 72 × 48 × 49 in

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