This product has been discontinued. For information on service or replacement models, please see below.
Product Description

A configured rotary blower factory standard package suitable for both vacuum and pressure applications with flows up to 5,000 CFM (8,500 m3/hr). EasyAir Rotary blower packages can be controlled locally or wired in to be controlled remotely.

EasyAir Rotary blower packages can be installed indoors and outdoors. Customer can provide a process air/inlet connection to the package for pressure applications, or draw in ambient air. EasyAir Rotary provides all the components to meet your process air needs with the customer supplying the following: foundation, electrical/ incoming power & process air connections.

Key benefits:

  • “Plug and play” installation with small footprint
  • Acoustical enclosure designed to limit free field noise levels to 80 dBA
  • Easy integration into customers’ controls and process through optional LCP
  • Full access to 360° of the enclosure for easy and convenient maintenance
  • Side-by-side installation for efficient usage of space
  • Indoor/Outdoor installation

EasyAir™ Rotary is a fully plug and play product, equipped with the following components:

  • Roots rotary blower
  • Discharge silencer
  • Drive motor and v-belt drive components
  • Pressure relief and check valve
  • Baseplate (v-belt self-tensioning and isolation pads)
  • Acoustical enclosure with exhaust/ventilation fan
  • Inlet filter with element
  • Filter restriction, discharge pressure and discharge temperature gauges

EasyAir ControllerEasyAir Controller

  • Standard configuration available with analog gauges, can be replaced with the integrated controller
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) integration available with both analog gauge or integrated controller
  • Integrated controller able to monitor the following parameters: discharge pressure, discharge temperature, inlet filter restriction, blower vibration, inlet/enclosure temperature, oil level and oil temperature
  • Operation in both local and remote modes, tying into customer’s control systems
  • Multiple shutdown and alarm parameters to ensure safe operation


If you have an existing EasyAir 8000 package and need to replace the blower, click here for more information about replacing RAM-X and TRI-RAM blowers in an EasyAir package.

Roots EasyAir Rotary

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This product has been discontinued.

Roots no longer produces EasyAir blower packages. If you need a blower package–with or without an enclosure–contact us.

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