This product has been discontinued. For information on service or replacement models, please see below.
Product Description

The Roots EasyAir X2 system provides the best of performance engineering in a standard package. It can be configured to meet unique requirements and is suitable for pressure or vacuum applications. The Roots EasyAir X2 system is a cost-effective factory designed blower package available for your:

  • Wastewater & water treatment needs
  • Pneumatic conveying & bulk handling needs
  • Process air needs

Package Standard Equipment

  • Bi- or tri-lobe splash lubricated blower
  • Drive motor is high efficiency, TEFC enclosure with 1.15 service factor
    – Or provide us with your specified motor requirements and let Howden provide the solution
  • Self-tensioning V-belt drive
  • Inlet filter/silencer with polyester element
  • Discharge silencer (non-packed; multi-chamber)
  • Non-electric enclosure vent fan
  • Vibration isolation pads
  • Panel-mounted filter restriction gauge, system pressure/vacuum gauge, discharge temperature gauge
  • Acoustic enclosure with robust painting system
  • Discharge flexible connector
  • Check valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Oil drain manifold with sight gauge

Howden Roots EasyAir X2 factory blower package system includes innovative design features that reduce noise and maintenance costs while delivering reliable performance.

Package Design Features

  • Easy to install, with small footprint
  • Electrical access through the floor or rear panel gives you added flexibility
  • Automatic belt-tensioning system is counter-balanced, optimizing the life of the V-belts
  • No special jacks are required to lift the motor when replacing belts (saving time and effort)
  • Side-by-side installation allows for more efficient use of your available space
  • Keyed locking panels allow easy filter maintenance and safe access to equipment
  • Air flow from front to rear is designed for personnel safety and equipment reliability
  • Access to air filter is convenient and designed to reduce pressure losses, improving reliability and blower efficiency and protecting your investment
  • Blower shaft-mounted fan provides exceptional cooling, reducing enclosure temperature dramatically and extending the life of critical components
  • Gauges are provided to monitor blower health as standard equipment and positioned ergonomically for your personnel’s safety
  • Acoustic enclosure is designed to provide up to 22 dBA free field attenuation, helping you to meet the specified noise requirements of the jobsite
  • Broad operating performance range provides you with a multitude of efficient and compact solutions so your requirements are satisfied

Roots EasyAir X2

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Standard blower package manufactured by Howden, available in 7 different models.


Howden Roots

This product has been discontinued.

EasyAir Rotary are the current Roots factory packages