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ROOTS™ RAM™ Frame 409 Rotary Positive Blower
ROOTS™ RAM™ Frame 409
Flow Range: to 900 CFM
Max Δ Pressure: 18 psi
Max Δ Vacuum: 16″ Hg
Maximum RPM: 4000
Minimum RPM: 850
Max ΔT: 240˚F
Connection: 4″ FPT
Shaft Dia.: 1.5″
Drive End Lubrication: Oil
Gear End Lubrication: Oil
Required Oil for Horizontal Unit: 55 ounces
Required Oil for Vertical Unit: 27 ounces
Unit Weight: 270 pounds (122.7 kg)
Shipping Container: Skid

ROOTS BOM# 82149020 LHBD

ROOTS™ RAM™ Frame 409 Rotary Positive Blower

BOM Number: 82149020 (LB-LT-RB-RT-TL-TR), 82200020 (BL-BR) SKU: N/A Category:


Although this is normally a stocked item, this model is currently experiencing long lead times from the factory. Please contact us if you need to confirm inventory prior to ordering.
  • Meets Build America Buy America Act requirements
Shipping Weight: 340 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 42 × 29 × 23 in
Max Flow:

900 CFM

Max Pressure:

18 psi

Max Vacuum:

16" Hg

Max Speed:

4000 RPM


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