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MD lubricants are the OEM lubricants recommended by M-D Pneumatics (formerly Tuthill) for use in their M-D blowers and Kinney boosters. These full synthetic lubricants are blended from synthetic hydrocarbon polyalphaolefin (PAO) to ensure maximum performance and product life. PAOs have greater thermal oxidative stability and a high viscosity index, allowing for greater film strength at higher temperatures and decreased viscosities at low temperatures for minimal friction and better lubrication.

This PAO synthetic base fluid allows oil to demulsify waterin high humidity and water conditions by easily separating water from the fluid. MD full synthetic lubricants provide better rust and corrosion protection for increased equipment life and has the highest 1A rating for copper corrosion under ASTM D130. MD full synthetic lubricants contain a formulation of anti-wear and anti-foaming additives that are specifically designed to prolong the life of M-D Pneumatics blowers and Kinney boosters.

Typical life expectancy of synthetic blower oils is approximately 6000 hours with an oil temperature of 180F (82C). M-D Pneumatics estimates their MD lubricants have a life expectancy of 8000 hours with an oil temperature of 220F (104C).

M-D Pneumatics / Tuthill lubricants are available in three viscosities as well as a food grade option:

Tuthill M-D Pneumatics MD Oil specs


M-D Pneumatics provides the following guidance for selecting a MD lubricant:

Tuthill M-D Pneumatics MD Oil selection

Tuthill MD FG Blower Oil

BOM Number: 16444-MD1-Q-FG SKU: 33330 Category:

OEM blower oil for Tuthill / M-D Pneumatics

Shipping Weight: 1.95 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 4.25 × 2.125 × 9 in



Tuthill M-D Pneumatics

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