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URB 5″ Flanged Chamber Blower Silencers

URB silencers are designed for pulse control and silencing for subcritical PLV applications.

The URB and URD series are chamber silencers, a reactive type consisting of a series of expansion chambers with interconnected tubes. The URB series consists of sizes 1″-6″ and the URD series are sizes 8″-30″.  Both series are fundamentally the same in design with identical performance characteristics.  Small sizes have male threaded pipe nipples and large sizes are equipped with flanged connections drilled to 125/150 lb ANSI specifications; units in the middle, sized at 4″ and 5″ are available with either the threaded or flanged connections.

URB blower silencer attenuation curve

This 5″ flanged blower silencer is constructed from carbon steel, with a single coat satin alkyd primer rated for 325°F.

Housing Diameter (ID): 16″
Connections: 125/150# ANSI drilled plate flanges
Overall Length: 65″
Weight: 120 lbs
These blower silencers are shipped LTL freight

Chamber Silencers

These silencers are a reactive type consisting of a series of expansion chambers with interconnected tubes.  These are used on subcritical PLV applications.  When the blower is operating in the critical PLV range, a combination camber-absorptive silencer must be used for satisfactory results.

Universal Silencer Chamber Silencers

URB 5″ Flanged Chamber Blower Silencer

BOM Number: 55-105-AA SKU: 22180 Category:

Shipping Weight: 145 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 68 × 18 × 18 in

Universal Silencer

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5" FLG

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