Product Description

The VersaBase is a “table-top” mounting platform for ROOTS™ RAM™ rotary positive displacement blowers.

The VersaBase is a pre-engineered system that enables rapid assembly of positive displacement blower and vacuum pump packages. The VersaBase Blower Package Kit consists of a fabricated steel base, lower guard, upper guard, guard cover and various brackets and fastener kits.

The VersaBase 4RR is used with ROOTS™ RAM™ 4.5″ gear diameter blowers.

Roots Models: 404, 406, 409 and 412 ROOTS™ RAM™ Blowers

The base can accommodate up to a 326T (50 HP) frame motor.

VersaBase 4RR

4.5″ gear diameter blowers
Up to 326T (50 HP) frame motor


pdblowers, Inc.

Blower Gear Diameter:


Max Motor Frame / HP:

326T (50 HP)

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