P1 Pressure Package

  • Roots 22 URAI Positive Displacement Rotary Blower
  • VersaBase 23 with Integral Belt Guard and associated brackets for accessory mounting
  • Motor, 1 HP, TEFC, Premium Efficiency, 1800 RPM, 1.15 SF, 115/230 Volts, 1 Phase 60 Hz
  • Motor Slide Base, Double Adjusting
  • Drive, V-Belt, minimum service factor of 1.4
  • Inlet Filter/Silencer, Solberg, 1″, Paper Element
  • Discharge Silencer, 1″, Chamber-Absorptive Type, Universal URB-1
  • Discharge Flex Connector, 1″, Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass
  • Relief Valve, Pressure, Weighted Type, 1″, Set at 3.5 PSI
  • Pressure Gauge, 2.5″ Dia., 0-15 PSI, Liquid Filled, Snubber & Gauge Cock
  • Mechanical Run Test @ Design Conditions

Lockable Hinged Aluminum Enclosure

Sewage Aeration Package, clamshell enclosure exterior
Sewage Aeration Package, clamshell enclosure interior
Sewage Aeration Package

Operating Conditions:
– Inlet Volume: 28 ACFM (25 SCFM)
– Site Elevation: 1020′
– Barometric Pressure: 14.2 PSIA
– Inlet Temperature: 85°F
– Inlet Pressure Drop: 0.1 psi
– Blower Inlet Pressure: 14.1 PSIA
– Discharge Pressure Drop: 0.2 PSI
– Discharge Pressure: 2.5 PSIG
– Blower Differential Pressure: 2.8 PSI (23% of maximum)

Performance Data:
– Design Speed: 2624 RPM (50% of maximum)
– Shaft Power: 0.6 BHP
– Discharge Temperature: 129 °F
– Differential Temperature: 44 °F (20% of maximum)
– Discharge Volume: 25 ACFM
– Estimated Noise Level: 77 dBa at 3 feet

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