Soil Vapor Extraction Vacuum Package

Our customer is an environmental consulting firm who handles a range of projects including soil remediation, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioventing, mine dewatering, waste water handling, and more.  This particular project is a vacuum system that will be used for soil vapor extraction.

Enclosed V2 Vacuum Package with VFD and Control Panel

  • Roots 36 URAI blower
  • 10HP TEFC Motor, 1800 RPM 230/460V, 3P, 60HZ
  • Motor Slide Base, 215T, Double Adjusting
  • Versabase VB34 mounting system
  • SD-2.5 Silencer, Chamber-Absorptive, 2.5″ MPT
  • Filter, CSL-851-250HC, Inline, Polyester element
  • 2″ 215V Kunkle vacuum relief valve
  • Vacuum gauge assembly 30″HGG
  • Temperature gauge 0-250F
  • Temperature switch, remote mount, NEMA
  • VFD, 25 HP, 230 VAC, 3 Phase, Sensorless Vector AC Drive
  • Control Panel, 10 HP, 230 VAC 1 phase 60 hz, Nema 4 Steel, Painted
  • Noise Enclosure with Skid
small V2 vacuum package
VFD for vacuum package installed in noise enclosure
noise enclosure for V2 vacuum package

Operating Conditions
Gas: AIR
Inlet Volume (ACFM/SCFM): 200/ 112
Site Elevation (Feet above SL): 2,400
Barometric Pressure (PSIA): 13.40
Relative Humidity (%): 100%
Inlet Temperature (°F): 70
Inlet Pressure Loss (PSI): 0.1
Inlet Vacuum (“Hg): 10.0
Discharge Pressure Los (PSI): 0.2
System Discharge Pressure (PSIA): 13.4
Differential Pressure (PSI): 5.2

Performance Data
Speed (RPM): 2,655
Speed (% of Maximum Allowable): 74%
Shaft Power (SHP): 6.4
Discharge Temperature (°F): 182
Differential Temperature (°F): 112
Blower Discharge Volume (CFM): 150
Estimated Noise Level (dBA @ 1 Meter): 86

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