Steam Recompression Package

Installed for a water purification project, this blower package provides steam recompression. During the process, contaminated water is turned to steam to remove it from the site; As the steam loses pressure moving through the process, the blower package boosts it back up to pressure so it can continue through the purification steps. The contaminants can produce extremely hazardous gases during this process that can quickly corrode the equipment, so this package features stainless steel accessories as well as a special Armoloy coating inside the blower to protect the wetted parts from coming into contact with the gases. These extra features will extend the life of the equipment in a harsh environment.

Steam Package Components

  • Roots Model 32 URAI-G SPECIAL
    • Armoloy coating of parts exposed to steam including: interior of cylinder, impellers, and headplate faces
    • Insulation of blower cylinder
    • Water Injection System for blower suction, including: Needle Valve, Flowmeter, Nozzle
  • Elevated Base for blower and motor
  • 2 HP TEFC Premium Efficient Motor, Suitable for 10:1 Constant Torque – 1800 RPM, 230/460 Vac 3 Phase, 60 Hz rated, 145T
  • Direct Drive – Coupling
  • Coupling Guard
  • Inline Filter , Wire Mesh, 304 or 316 SS
  • Inlet Silencer , Chamber Type, 316 SS
  • Discharge Silencer , Chamber Type, 316 SS
  • Discharge Check Valve, 316 SS Body, Silicone Elastomer
  • Inlet Temperature Gauge, 50-350°F
  • Discharge Temperature Gauge, 50-350°F
  • Differential Temperature Switch (protects blower from excessive temp rise)
  • Two (2) RTD’s – one inlet side of blower and one Discharge side of blower
  • Nema 4X SS Enclosure
  • Inlet Compound Gauge
  • Discharge Compound Gauge
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