Blower Briefs

Blower Briefs

Blower Briefs was a newsletter published by pdblowers, Inc. to inform and educate our customers and potential customers.

The company was founded in May of 1990 and our first newsletter was published in August of 1990.  We managed to publish one more before the end of 1990 before we went on a 2 and a half year sabatical.  We were short handed and busy growing so we didn’t have time to publish the newsletter.

Our second edition featured the “Blower Gremlins”.  The Blower Gremlins were used to illustrate the problems one typically has with blowers.  The Blower Gremlins are now hidden on our website – if you run into any problems, a Gremlin may be the cause.

In 1993, Tanya Williamson, our office manager and general problem solver took on the task of publishing Blower Briefs once again.  She did a great job until her departure in August of 1993.  We haven’t issued a new addition of Blower Briefs since.

I hope you will enjoy a small trip down memory lane if you choose to read the “Classics.”

Blower Briefs August 1990
Blower Briefs November 1990
Blower Briefs February 1993
Blower Briefs March 1993
Blower Briefs April 1993
Blower Briefs May 1993
Blower Briefs June 1993
Blower Briefs July 1993

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff