Roots Blower Manufacturers

Roots blower factory Connersville IndianaThe term “roots blower” is often used as a general term to describe any straight lobe positive displacement blower, however there is only one manufacturer of Roots™ blowers.

Roots has its main manufacturing facilities, including the original Roots factory, in Connersville, Indiana, USA.  Over the last twenty years Roots has also produced blowers in Texas and Wisconsin, but currently all North American manufacturing has been consolidated to Connersville.




Roots is currently owned by Howden, a global provider of both compressors and blowers.  Roots has been owned by other companies over the years including GE and Dresser Industries.

Current blower nameplates will have the Howden logo, but many older units will feature the Dresser logo.


Roots Blower Distributors

Howden Roots does not sell blowers directly to end users, so if you are looking for a Roots blower you will need to purchase it through a Roots blower distributor.  In North America, pdblowers is the largest distributor of Roots blowers with stocked inventory at five locations around the United States.

pdblowers shop floor