Roots URAI Performance Data

The Roots Universal RAI was first introduced in 1985 as a replacement for the Roots AF and RAI series of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps.

Roots also took aim at Sutorbilt’s California Series positive displacement blower at that time by designing the Roots URAI to be a drop in replacement. Both Roots and Sutorbilt made product frame sizes that were very similar.

The Universal RAI introduced “Universal” mounting feet that permitted the blower to be mounted in four different orientations. The Roots AF and RAI had their mounting feet cast into the headplates which meant the distributor or factory would have to stock your exact orientation for replacement. This meant delays in getting the right unit to the customer. Sutorbilt later adopted this same feature on their California Legend® Series unit.

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FrameConnMax RPMcfrSlipMax ΔTShaft DiaMax ΔPMax Vac
221" NPT52750.0165102250.6251215
242" NPT52750.0324052100.625715
321-1/4" NPT36000.0452802400.751515
332" NPT36000.06162672250.751215
362-1/2" NPT36000.1022282250.75715
421-1/2" NPT36000.06052332400.8751515
452-1/2" NPT36000.1212092250.8751015
473" NPT36000.15952002250.875715
532-1/2" NPT28500.13181572251.1251515
564" NPT28500.2211422251.1251315
594" NPT28500.3231222251.125715
653" NPT23500.2461322501.3751516
685" NPT23500.3951322401.3751416
6156" FLG23500.741321301.375712
764" NPT20500.4051002501.5621516
7116" FLG20500.738852251.5621016
7188" FLG20501.2751301.562612

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